IPS was formed to promote the contribution that psychological knowledge and services can play in preventing extremism, terrorism and group-based violence.  Many factors and circumstances can contribute to why people support or commit such actions.  However, the way that people think, how they think about themselves, their identities, other people and the world around them, are crucial.

Traditionally such knowledge and services have focussed on criminal justice (prison and probation services) and health sectors. Whilst still working with these sectors, IPS wants to make these services more accessible to individuals, organisations and communities who may benefit from these locally, nationally and globally. 

IPS recognises the complimentary role that psychological knowledge and practice can play in this field alongside other disciplines, such as sociology, political science and theological studies.

IPS aims to:

  • Prevent and protect individuals from harming others, their communities and their own lives and futures.
  • Provide practical services and products informed primarily by psychological theory, research and practice.

  • Provide high quality services created and delivered by practitioners working to professional codes of conduct.

  • Provide services to individuals, communities, agencies, charities, businesses and government departments who share IPS' vision to prevent extremism, terrorism and group-based violence.

  • Support individuals in reconsidering their involvement or interest in groups, causes or ideas that support extremism and harming others.

  • Build resilience in individuals and groups from becoming interested or involved in groups, causes or ideas that support extremism and harming others.

  • Respect the identities of all people and groups and work with these to help individuals lead constructive lives.

  • Deliver services in a safe, ethical and secure manner with due consideration for the importance of public protection and working responsibly alongside statutory agencies.

  • Empower individuals to make informed decisions about who they are, who they want to be and how they want to live their lives.