Everyone identifies with important things in their lives. Our identity or identities define who we are as people, the groups we are part of and the things that matter most to us in life. They can allow us to 'get on' in the world, experience powerful emotions and lead fulfilling lives. 

At times in our lives we may experience confusion, conflict or crisis about who we are and our place in the world. We may be particularly vulnerable to adopting identities (or committing ourselves to certain groups, ideas or values) without fully thinking this through.  Alternatively, we may have always held certain values, beliefs or ideas which we have never questioned before.  For some, these circumstances may lead to problems or issues in their lives, including becoming interested or involved in groups, causes or ideas which support hatred and harm towards others. 

Many individuals who become involved often later regret their actions and wish they'd been able to discuss their personal issues and feelings before becoming involved. At such times, individuals may need guidance to help them reflect on and reconsider their decisions and commitments. IPS supports individuals in considering carefully who they want to be, the groups they want to be part of and the lives they want to lead.  We believe understanding and working with people's identities is crucial to assessing, intervening and supporting them to lead constructive and peaceful lives.

IPS is committed to preventing people from identifying with groups, causes or beliefs that inspire them to harm themselves and others.